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Bach Piano Competition

Winners of the Bach Piano Competition held on April 25 include:

Elementary (3rd and 4th grades)
First Prize: Ariel Lyanda-Geller
Second Prize: Taiga Nishida

Intermediate I (5th and 6th grades)
First Prize: Song Kim
Second Prize: Caleb Weber

Intermediate II (7th and 8th grades)
First Prize: Seth Weaver
Second Prize: Lily Kostraba

All winners received cash awards; the first prize winners will perform on the Bach Chorale Singers Prelude, Concert and Youth Choirs program, Saturday, May 2 at 4 pm at First Baptist Church in Lafayette.

The competition, sponsored by the Bach Chorale Singers and the Tippecanoe Music Teachers Association in celebration of the Bach Chorale Singers 50th Anniversary year, featured 24 students in grades 3 through 8 representing 10 area piano teachers.


Monster Concert 2015

TMTA's Monster Concert 2015 will be held onJune 4th at 7:00 p.m. at the Long Center for the Performing Arts. The Monster Concert is a non-competitive event for piano students from age 9 through High School. Ten pianos are on stage and duets and trios are played simultaneously by 200 or more fingers. The Monster Concert encourages active participation in music practice and performance. These 200 plus students and their families spend months in learning and preparation for the concert including numerous rehearsals. They also get to experience the excitement of performing in a full-length program in a big concert hall. The Monster Concert is for students of TMTA members only. Registration begins on February 16, 2015. The Teacher and Studio registration forms are available on line. Just sign in by clicking on the Member Login link in the Member Resources section.



About Us

The Tippecanoe Music Teachers Association, formerly known as the Tippecanoe Piano Teachers Network, was established in 1986 to support quality music education in the greater Lafayette area. All TMTA members also belong to the Music Teachers National Association and the Indiana Music Teachers Association. By coordinating the efforts of individual music teachers, TMTA is able to produce many exciting music activities which contribute to the cultural richness of our city and help build the creative, intellectual, social, and physical skills of our students.


Our Current Officers

Ellen Bulow, President
Beth Hill Treasurer Rose Hallberg Treasurer Emritus
Lynae Stafford, Secretary
Chris Legler, Member at Large

Our members provide instruction on a variety of different instruments as well as music theory and education. See our Services Overview at the bottom of this page.

Use the sidebar menu to the right in order to review the listing of all of our current member teachers. Feel free to contact any of us. We will be more than glad to help you through your musical journey.

For more information on our Vision, Values and Code of Ethics, click here.

Monster Concert 2011

A Grand Piano Extravaganza


Pianos for the Street 2014

You may recognize a few of the participants in our Pianos for the Street event.


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We welcome your interest and participation. Feel free to contact any of our members, or if you prefer, get in touch with us via email or snail mail.

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